All Risk Insurance Policy

Whilst most personal items receive adequate insurance protection from the Householders contents…

“Any accident or misfortune of a fortuitous character.”


Breakage of tortoise-shell or other brittle substances unless attributable to fire or malicious act.
Wear and tear or from any process of cleaning or restoring.
Attributable to action of light or atmosphere moth parasites or vermin or mechanical derangement not arising from external impact.
By confiscation or detention by Customs House or other officials or Authorities.
Earthquake earth tremor volcanic eruption war and similar war risks, strike, riot and civil commotion.
Willful act of insured or of any other person with the knowledge or connivance of the insured.
Livestock, vehicles or their accessories.
It will therefore be seen that the cover granted by an All Risks policy is very extensive and covers any accident, which is not specifically excluded.

It is not normally done to cover breakage of brittle items such as watch, glasses or specula’s or reading glasses unless this is specifically agreed and normally extra premium would be charged but the policy does provide cover on such items caused by fire or malicious act etc. As each item to be covered must be specified in the schedule of the policy there should be few problems. Wear and tear is a normal process and is uninsurable. Persons who undertake cleaning or restoration (which would include repair) should have their own insurance protection, and in any case, should undertake doing the work at their own risk. This is not usually insurable.

Damage attributable under (c) is usually caused by natural and avoidable causes, is not covered because the damage is easily avoided with normal precautions on the part of the insured. Mechanical derangement, for example, the over winding of a watch is not covered but damage caused by external impact is covered.

Loss or damage under exceptions (d) (e) are self-explanatory and with the possible exception of loss or damage caused by riot cannot be insured. Any request to modify the exceptions would require approval by the Head office.